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June 2023 - Changelog
June 2023 - Changelog

Details of all the Dentally features and changes you can expect to see in June 2023. Read the full product update below πŸ‘‡

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Welcome to our June 2023 Product Update

Our monthly Product Update and Newsletter are here to keep you informed about what is happening here at Dentally.

You can use the below to navigate to the relevant section or browse the whole changelog at your leisure;

*Key for your reference; 🌟 Improved ,πŸ› Bug Fix , πŸ†• New*

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πŸ†• New: Dentally Vision

Dentally Vision allows you to acquire, manage, and access images and X-rays completely in the cloud. Images are automatically uploaded to the cloud as they are acquired and can be viewed within Dentally's Cloud Images tab.

This comprehensive cloud solution makes taking, accessing and using diagnostic imaging easier. Streamline your clinical work today! Learn more about Dentally Vision πŸŽ‰

πŸ†• New: Changes to the Digital Radiograph auditing options and Radiograph Audit report

In order to bring Dentally in line with newer digital radiograph auditing guidelines, we have changed the options available when uploading digital radiographs into Dentally. Find out more about your new radiograph options and audit report here 🦷

🌟Improved: New Clinical notes templates selection screen.

We have made improvements to how users can select templates for use in clinical notes. This all-new screen makes finding the correct templates easier and allows selected templates to be viewed and removed prior to inserting them into your notes.

🌟Improved: Multiple Treatment plan templates can now be applied to a plan.

Previously, a user could only use one treatment plan template per plan. Now if a plan has been created using a template or if an existing plan has had a template applied, further templates can now also be added to that open plan. This means more flexibility when using templates to build treatment plans.

🌟Improved: Pocket depth and recession performance improvements

There has previously been an issue where input using a keyboard could not record as quickly as the user entering the recordings on the 6 Pocket perio exam, this has now been reviewed and improved.

🌟Improved: Better visibility of unbooked appointments

We’ve improved the labelling of the unbooked appointment selection drop-down. When creating an appointment via the calendar, you will now see β€˜New Appointment’ as a default option and a warning will be displayed if the patient has any unbooked appointments.

πŸ›Bug Fix: Re-ordering treatment plans

Refinements have been made to the feature allowing the user to re-order treatment plan items and service appointments on treatment plans.


🌟Improved: Update to NHS NI

fee updates have been applied for codes 5435 & 5436.

πŸ› Bug Fix: NHS England claims defaulting to Band 4 where non-urgent Band 2 treatments are involved.
A change has been made to ensure that where a claim contains urgent treatments and non-urgent band 2 treatments, the correct UDA value is requested.

Dentally Portal

πŸ†• New feature: Task Reminders

Task Reminders have been designed to get more forms completed before patients arrive. Patients are now able to follow a secure unique link and access the form without full registration or login.

After seeing great success with our early access beta customers, the feature is now available in the Patient Notifications settings of the Portal Manage app. Read all about in our help centre here.

🌟Improved: Using the Medical History Interval set in Dentally

We've moved away from our own 15 day interval to your practices custom set interval as to when we ask for a medical history to be completed by a patient. We will now only ask for a medical history to be completed once the interval you have specified in Dentally has passed. Read more about setting your interval here

🌟Improved: Medical History layout changes

To reduce the number of patients arriving at your practice without completing their Medical History form on the Portal, we are experimenting with the layout and interactions of the medical history form to improve completion rates.

🌟Improved: Reducing the number of Task Reminder messages to patients

Following the above interval change, this means practices using our new Task Reminder service to help collect more forms digitally, will send fewer messages to patients while still complying with your medical history interval policy.

🌟Improved: Changes to the Portal user in Dentally

We've made some behind-the-scenes improvements to your Dentally Portal user in Dentally. Commencing next week, we will be moving to a new user which will not appear to you in the user list.

This allows us to avoid problems such as IP restrictions, security level changes and user deactivation which would have stopped your Portal from working. The new user you will see in the audit will be listed as 'Dentally Portal'.

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