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How you can utilise the Dentally iPad app?

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Getting started with the Dentally iPad

In Dentally, you need to check that you have the iPad integration. It requires an additional subscription. You can check this by going to Settings > Integrations

Once you have an active subscription you will need to download the app onto your iPad devices. To download the app, head to the App Store and search for Dentally. Tap ‘Get’, to download and install the app. It is free to download.

Once it is installed, open up the Dentally app and log in using the same login details you use on your computer.

On the main page of Dentally for iPad, you will see the list of patients booked in for treatment that day.

How to use the Dentally iPad app

You can check the patient in at reception by clicking the status of the appointment. It will change from Pending or confirmed, to arrived. This lets the Dentist know the patient is in the waiting room.

If you click on the patient’s name you will be taken to their appointments page.

Medical History

  • You can have a patient fill out a medical form from the medical tab.

  • Click ‘New Medical History’.

  • Enable patient mode by clicking the ‘Enable Patient Mode’ button and pass it to the patient.

  • Once the patient has filled out the medical form, they can add any notes and sign it.

  • If required, you can set a medical alert against the patient


  • You can also have a patient sign an estimate

  • Click on the ‘Estimates’ tab

  • Select the relevant estimate

  • Hand the device to the patient to review and sign.


  • Lastly, your patients can sign their NHS FP17 forms on the iPad as as well

  • Click on the patient's name

  • Click into documents

  • Click New Form

  • Choose NHS PR

  • Then click to Enable patient mode and hand the device to the patient.

iPad Demo

For more help with iPad, we have the following web pages.

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