When charting a treatment on single teeth in the patient's treatment or base chart simply select the treatment type e.g. extraction and click on each desired tooth. This will allocate the treatment to one selected tooth. See below.

Some treatments require charting across multiple teeth e.g. Bridges. Follow these simple steps:

  • Select the treatment type from the treatment list e.g. Maryland Bridge

  • Click the first tooth in the series

  • Hold the Alt key on PC and the Option key on Mac

  • Click the additional teeth to be included as part of the same treatment

  • Release the Alt or Option key on the keyboard

Important: If you need to chart two separate items across multiple teeth eg. one denture on the upper teeth and one on the lower it's important to remember to only Alt/Option-click per row.

For example,

  • click first tooth

  • then Alt/Option-click 2nd, 3rd and 4th teeth on that row

  • Release Alt/Option

  • and then click 1st tooth on next row,

  • then Alt/Option-click 2nd, 3rd, 4th tooth etc on the next row

The multiple tooth treatment will be displayed as individually selected teeth but, the description will group the teeth together.

To find out how to chart treatments across multiple surfaces read our support document.

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