The customisable Patients report in Dentally allows you to create and run reports based on nearly every piece of data held on a patient's record.

The report works based on filters. When you first open the report it will default to showing you a pre-saved report segment called 'Active'. This report only  has the filter 'Active' ticked and is set to show those patients whose active status is set to true - therefore showing you all your registered patients who have not been archived.

You can then further filter the report based on a combination of filters of your choice.

Let's use an example report to demonstrate:

We want to find all active patients who are registered with a particular dentist called Joe Bloggs.

We can leave 'Active' ticked and the option 'Is Active' selected.

We now need to apply the filter that reduces the list to just those patients registered with Joe. So, tick the filter 'Dentist' and choose the option 'is', then we can select Joe Bloggs from the list of available dentists.

We don't need to re-run the report, the list is now filtered by the options selected.

Choosing Multiple Options of the Same Filter

Say for example, we need to apply a filter with multiple choices. For example, we want to further filter the list of Joe's patients by when their last appointment was and we want to find patients whose last appointment was between January 1st 2018 and 31st August 2018. We need to use the same filter (last appointment) twice, to state that we want the patients' last appointment to be both after 1st January and also before 31st August.

So, firstly tick 'Last Appointment' and select 'After' - this is where you can then select the date.

This then lets us choose the same filter again, so we can say that not only does the last appointment need to fit the first option, it ALSO has to fit the second. So we can now say 'Last Appointment' is 'Before' 31st August.

Saving the Report for Future Use

If this report is one that you will be running again in future, you can save it as a 'Report Segment'.

Just hit the Save button below the report filters.

Previously saved report segments can be accessed with then button above the report filters.

The reports are listed and show the number of results given the last time the report was ran. Remember that filters applied on a saved segment may need the selected options reset when running again in future - for example, a selected date range may no longer be appropriate when running a segment at a later date.

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