It's important to know who your newest patients are so that you can ensure they get the best oral health management from you.

The New Patients Per Month Report will tell you how many new patients came into the practice, but if you want to know who they were, and contact them you need to use the Patients Report.

Use the Patients Report filters

  • Set Active to Is Active

  • Set First Appointment to the date after which you want the first appointment. For example, if you want the first appointment to be after 1/7/2020 set that as the filter to be

  • First Appointment > Absolute > After 1/7/2020

Dentally Patients Report - Appointment filter for new patients

Send messages to all new patients

To send correspondence to a segment of the Patients Report, you need to use the bulk messaging system in Dentally.

Follow the instructions here to contact all your new patients from the Patients Report screen.

The Patients Report

To learn more about the Patients Report and how you might use it, we have a number of tutorial webpages for you to refer to.

The Patients Report

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