If you need to make a change to an NHS claim, you can simply make the required changes and resubmit.

Navigate to the patient’s NHS tab and select the claim you need to resubmit by clicking on the View Treatment Plan button. This will display the plan that the claim was raised from. Select Re-open Treatment Plan.

The plan will now be open again to edit. Make any changes required and Submit the claim again.

You can then make any changes required to the submission details, such as the start and end dates, exemption, contract or declaration details.

The claim will be resubmitted using the same NHS Claim ID and will be sent with a marker informing the NHSBSA that this is a replacement of the existing claim.

Withdrawing a Claim

If you need to remove the claim entirely and not receive the UDA value, the claim needs to be withdrawn. This action should only really be used if the claim was raised entirely in error - for the wrong patient, for example.

Follow the stages above to re-open the treatment plan and click on Submit.

You will then see the Withdraw Claim option.

Confirm this option and the claim will be resubmitted with a marker requesting that the claim is withdrawn from your contract.

Please note: You can never resubmit a withdrawn claim.

If you need to amend and resubmit a claim, then follow the guide above. Withdrawing a claim will remove it from the records of the NHSBSA entirely. Any subsequent submissions of this claim would need to be raised from a new treatment plan.

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