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Practice Settings - Billing & Export Settings
Practice Settings - Billing & Export Settings

Practice Settings - Billing, export

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Practice Settings is the place to go when you need to manage practice details. Site Settings is where you manage settings for your site. You must have Level 4 (Administrator) permissions to alter Practice settings.

Select Settings and click Practice Settings.

practice settings

Practice Setting is split into 7 tabs:

If you have asked to Export your Dentally data, there will also be an Export tab here.

Practice Settings - Billing tab

Your Account Manager can help with any of the settings on the Billings tab.

billing tab dentally

Billing Overview

The status of your account is shown in the Billing Overview including

  • your current agreed payment plan, number of surgeries, subscription renewal date

  • iPad App enabled and the current charge

  • Chat enabled and charge

  • Postcode lookup enabled and charge

  • Payment setup. If Direct Debit has not been set up, set it up here. Next payment date will also be shown. (For AU Customers please contact Dentally Support directly to set up your direct debit)

Available Add-ons

Dentally Practice Settings Billing Available Add Ons

Additional apps that are available to you, if you have not already opted in to, are shown here. Apps that you have signed up for or added yourself, are shown in the Billing section.


Dentally Practice Settings Billing Usage

Here you will find your correspondence usage for the month. You can see the billing cost for the correspondence in your monthly invoice.

Inbound / Outbound Communications

Dentally Practice Settings  inbound contact information

The Practice phone number for SMS text messages and the email address for patient correspondence is shown here.

Please contact Dentally Support if you need to have it changed.

Billing Address

Dentally Practice Settings Billing Address

Set your Billing Address for receipt of invoices and correspondence here.

Invoice History

Dentally Practice Settings - Billing tab, invoice history

Invoices from the last 12 months will be listed here. You can download them using the download icon.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: If you do not have your Direct Debit set up, you will not be able to see or download your invoices.

Dentally Practice Settings - Billing Tab no invoice history

Practice Settings - Export tab

Dentally Practice Settings - Export tab

Data Exports

If you have asked for you data so that you can export it, there will be an additional Export tab.

To export your data, use the +Create export button.

If you have not asked us to export your data, you will not see an Export tab.

Practice Settings

Additional Practice Setting web pages

Each tab in Practice Settings has its own helpful web page. Select what you need from this list:

Practice Settings - Other Settings - Security, Custom fields and charting, Support, Internationalisation, Payments, Portal

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