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How to use Practice Settings - Other Settings
How to use Practice Settings - Other Settings

Practice Settings - Other Settings - Security, Custom fields and charting, Support, Internationalisation, Payments, Portal

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Practice Settings is the place to go when you need to manage practice details. Site Settings is where you manage settings for your site. You must have Level 4 (Administrator) permissions to alter Practice settings.

Select Settings and click Practice Settings.

practice settings in dentally

Practice Setting is split into the 7 tabs listed below. For further information on the sections listed below click on the relevant bullet point to navigate there.

If you have asked to Export your Dentally data, there will also be an Export tab here.

Other Settings Tab

other in practice settings dentallly


Dentally Practice Settings - Other - Security
  • Use the Security setting to enable you to restrict access by IP address. Once enabled here, you can see the ip restrictions in Settings> Users.

  • You do this by restricting the IP address that staff can log in from. You set the IP restriction for the practice here, and change the setting for individual members of staff.

Dentally Practice Settings - Security - restrict by IP address
  • To enable IP address restriction, click on the check box.

  • Add the IP address(es) that you will allow.

  • For this you will need to know the public IP address of the practice. You find this out using a website, such as, and copy and paste the IP address into the Whitelisted IP Address box.

  • Save any changes

Please note that currently, there is a maximum limit of 40 IP addresses that can be set up in your settings.

Dentally Practice Settings - Enable Dentally Support
  • To offer you the best possible support, allow the Dentally Support Team to access your account. If you do not allow access, the Support Team may not be able to support you easily.

  • If you make changes, use the Save button.

  • Please note that if you close the Dentally tab in your Browser - you will be automatically logged out after 4 hours.

Custom Fields & Charting

Dentally Practice Settings Custom Fields & charting
  • Any fields you add here appear at the bottom of the patient details screen.

  • You can also add some custom fields which appear at the top right of the patient details tab, from Practice Settings > Custom Fields tab. You can read more about them on the Practice Settings - Custom Fields web page.

Dentally Practice Settings - unfinished treatment colour picker
  • Use the colour picker to select a colour for uncompleted treatment.

  • To change colour, click on the bar of colour. A colour picker will appear. Select the basic colour from the right hand selection and refine it in the left hand panel. Click OK when you have found your desired colour. If you already know the hex code for the colour, you can type it in the box.

Dentally Practice Settings - Enable Ortho Assessments
  • If you wish to use the Ortho Assessment module, enable it here.

  • To find out more about the Ortho module, take a look at our suite of web pages, starting with Orthodontic Case assessment


Practice Settings - Internationalisation
  • Select the Currency you will be using from the list of available currencies. Treatment and sundry prices will be charged in the currency you select.

  • Select the Country you operate in from the list of available countries.

  • Select the type of tooth notation you prefer to use

  • Select your Timezone from the list of available timezones. This will affect your Practice Calendar.

  • Save any changes


Dentally Practice Settings - Payments
  • Enable Payment Locking here. Payment locking prevents you from deleting payments that have been created in the past. Often used in association with Xero.

  • Enable automatic explanation of payments here. Setting this means that Dentally will automatically try and match payments with open unpaid invoices.

  • Save any changes


Dentally Practice Settings - Prefill Medical History
  • Enable this setting to automatically fill the patient's medical history based on their previous medical history when using a medical history link.

  • Disable this option and the patient will be presented with a blank medical history

Practice Settings

Each tab in Practice Settings has its own helpful web page. Select what you need from this list to navigate there πŸ‘‡

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