A template saves you a lot of time and effort. 

A template is a file that serves as a starting point for a new clinical note. When you open a Notes template, it is pre-formatted or partly completed  in some way. 

If you find yourself creating similar notes over and over again, it might be a good idea to save one of them as a template, and then you won't have to format your notes each time you want to make a new one. Just open the template and start from there. It is a quick way of making sure you have the right information, every time.

Use a Notes template to:

  • ensure that all similar treatments have consistent information recorded,

  • quickly complete a series of fields 

  • ensure that all patients receive the correct information.

To add or edit any template, you need to have Level 4 (Administrator) permissions or you need to have "Can edit Templates" set as an opt-in permission in Settings > Users > Security.

If you wish to create Clinical Notes Templates for your use as an individual practitioner, do so from My account. Details of how to do this are available here.


To locate your Templates go to Settings > Templates.

Dentally Settings Create New Templates

You have templates for correspondence e.g. Letters, Estimates, Invoices, SMS messages, Emails, Word documents  as well as for Clinical Notes. For help with Correspondence Templates we have a useful web page. 

To Create a Clinical Note Template for the Practice

Dentally Templates
Dentally create Clinical Note template
  • Select the Notes tab

  • Select New Template

  • Give your Clinical Note a name and a shortcut. 

  • Type in the additional notes you want for this treatment.

  • Save.

  • The Clinical Notes are now available for you to use.

To use a Clinical Notes Template - the Template Picker

Dentally Clinical Notes Template Picker
  • To use a Clinical Notes template once you have created it, 

  • you need to expand the treatment, 

  • and then you can either select  the appropriate Template from the Template Notes picker (above) 

  • or type the shortcut, followed by a space (below).

Remember to Save your notes.

Dentally Clinical Notes template

To Edit Clinical Notes Template

  • To Edit your clinical Notes template, go to Settings > Templates> Notes.

  • Select the Template you wish to edit. 

  • Click on Edit to the right of the template name.

  • Make changes as required and Save. 

To Delete a Clinical Notes Template

  • To Edit your clinical Notes template, go to Settings > Templates> Notes.

  • Select the Template you wish to delete.

  • Click on Edit to the right of the template name.

  • At the bottom right of the screen click on Delete

Dentally Clinical Notes template

Personal Clinical Notes Templates

For details on how to create and use personal clinical notes take a look at our Personal Clinical Notes Templates web page.

Patient Notes

If you want to make a quick note, to keep on the patient's record which alerts staff each time the patient's record is opened, use Patient Notes. We have a helpful web page about this - Patient Notes

Editing Note Templates

When editing an already existing note you will have the option to assign this note to a single user.

If you do assign this to a user then only this user will be able to see the note. and it will disappear for everyone else.

Additional Support Documents to help with Templates

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