In Dentally you can use MS Word to create templates for complex documents, such as templates for referral purposes.

To add or edit any template, you need to have Level 4 (Administrator) permissions or you need to have "Can edit Templates" set as an opt-in permission in Settings > Users > Security.

Upload Word documents

You can upload MS Word documents that you receive from external sources into a patient's correspondence tab in order to keep them on record. Once uploaded, documents can be viewed, downloaded or printed.

Data tags

You can use the data tags from Dentally in a Word document to complete data fields saving you time and ensuring that all the relevant information recorded in Dentally is automatically and correctly inserted into the document.

Create your Word Template

To create your Word template,

  • First create your document in Word.

  • Insert the relevant Dentally data tags in the correct places

  • You can see a complete list of available data tags from Settings > Templates > Select Word Docs > Show data tags

  • Save the document to your computer

Next Upload the document into Dentally

  • Go to Settings > Templates > Word > New template

Dentally New Word document template
  • Add a name for your Word template

  • Select the location (if appropriate)

  • Click on "Drop a Microsoft Word document her or click to select a file"

  • The chosen file will appear in the list of Word Templates

  • Save the Template

Use your Word Template

To use your Word template

  • Go to the patient's correspondence tab

  • Select New correspondence

  • New Word doc

Dentally New Correspondence menu
  • Select the template

  • Click on Download

  • The Word document with all the patient's appropriate data completed is now downloaded

  • Open the Word document

  • Complete any additional relevant data and save the document

When would you use a Word Template?

Use a Word template when you need to create a document that require specific formatting, such as referral forms.

Create the Word Document, add in the Dentally data tags, save and upload to Dentally so that you can download from the patient's record with the appropriate data from Dentally pre-populating fields.

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