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Creating Estimate and Consent Templates
Creating Estimate and Consent Templates

How to create consent and estimate templates for signing on the iPad, and online...

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Estimate and Consent forms are both created from the same place within Dentally...

A template is a file that serves as a starting point for a new document. When you open a template, it is pre-formatted in some way to help you save time for a more efficient and seamless surgery experience.

Estimates and consent forms can be signed by patients digitally through the iPad and online through the Dentally Portal.

How to add a new Consent/Estimate Template

To locate your Templates go to Settings > Templates > Estimates

Dentally Templates Estimates tab

We STRONGLY recommend that you start by duplicating one of the relevant existing templates and making changes as required.

  • To create a new estimate Template, select New Template.

  • Give your template a name.

  • Select Copy existing Template and select the relevant consent/estimate from the list.

    • This will add all the formatting without you having to edit the Styles.

If you need to change the style of the template, please contact the Dentally Support team. We recommend that you do not try and edit the template style.

  • If you want details in the Footer, add them into the Footer field.

  • If you want to add Terms and Conditions, add them into the Terms field.

  • When you are happy with your Template, remember to Save it.

  • You can also Save and Preview to make sure that it looks as you expect.

Remove an Estimate/Consent Template

You cannot delete a template. You can however, set a template to inactive. When a template is inactive it no longer appears in the list of available templates

If you do not wish to use a particular template any more, you can remove it from the list of available template options by going to the Settings > Templates menu, editing the Consent Template and setting its 'Active' status to 'No'.

Dentally Set Template to inactive

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